Work Portfolio

I’ve worked at a few places too.

Research Fellow Drawing

Microsoft Research, Bengaluru India | August 2017 - Present
Guide: Sundararajan Sellamanickam, Principal applied scientist in the applied sciences – CISL group of MSR India, Bangalore Working under the prestigious MSRI Research Fellow program to unlock my research potential as a part of Applied Machine Learning group.

Software Engineer Drawing

WalmartLabs, Bengaluru, India | August 2016 – July 2017
Working in the DIDC team which focuses on building a data fabric platform that caters to the needs of real time events processing and batch data processing by using latest technologies. My work includes building generic platform for seamless data integration across different data platforms covering traditional RDBMS and Big Data platforms (HDFS, Map/Reduce, Oozie, Hive etc.,).

Research Assistant Drawing

Bachelor Thesis
NEC Laboratories, Heidelberg, Germany | January 2016 – July 2016
Guide: Mischa Schmidt, Senior Researcher at NEC Europe
Worked on Deep Feature synthesis towards automating Data Science endeavors for Energy Saving on buildings using Machine Learning. The results of my work ​were used in EU project “Data-Driven investigation of large scale Cooling System at Frankfurt commerzbank arena, Germany.”

Research Intern Drawing

Robert Bosch Cooporate Research, Bengaluru, India | June 2015 – Aug 2015
Guide: Dr. Kumar Padmanabh, Lead Scientist/Researcher in “Internet of Things”
Worked on Electricity Demand forecasting for user profiling using various clustering algorithms and distributed graph edit distance calculation algorithms. Designed a fault tolerant, real-time system with a capability to be used for load profiling and peak prediction from Day 0 using Machine Learning.
Patent Pending

Undergraduate Research Assistant Drawing

Machine Vision Lab, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, CEERI, Pilani, India | Aug 2014 – Jan 2015
Guide: Dr. Jagdish Raheja, Senior Principal Scientist, Group Head, Computer Vision Division, CEERI Pilani
Worked on Automated Feature set construction for Object recognition using Genetic Algorithms Designed a Genetic Programming system which aided classification and outperformed traditional Haralik features by a fair margin.

Undergraduate Software Developer Drawing

BITS LifeGuard - Wearable Computing Lab, BITS, Pilani, India | Oct, 2014-Feb, 2015
Developed a fault tolerant, software tool to monitor vital signs in sensor data using Stream mining in realtime.
:point_right: University Project group profile

Domain Neutral Computation Framework - Software Developement and Technology Unit | Jan, 2015-Dec, 2015
Built an API driven architecture which enables verifiable large-scale distributed deployment. Currently being used to extend Computation capabilities of Project ANY-LEARN- MOOC, initiative of BITS Pilani, build on top OpenEdx (Platform developed by the non-profit organization founded by Harvard and MIT) by permiting processing of requests from multiple heterogeneous sources concurrently.
:point_right: BITS MOOC platform (Any-Learn)
:point_right: University Project group profile